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What’s in Mila Santos shopping cart? Amazon essentials and extras

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What’s in Mila Santos shopping cart? Amazon essentials and extras
Mila Santos in Hollywood, California

Mila Santos

Mila Santos’ Amazon storefront, from which she earns commission contains a host of items that support health and beauty. Such beauty and grooming essentials as the Fastaid brand Red Light face and neck therapy massager wand, which supports beautiful skin. Mila Santos’ curated collection of beauty tools in her Amazon storefront, contain devices that maintain beautiful skin.

Devices such as Saeeycue brand stone Gua Sha facial tool, and the Tomata brand Blackhead and pimple extractor, which are professional tools used for achieving clear, glowing skin. There are also the TonyMoly pre scrub stick, for exfoliating skin and the Chefensty brand ice roller beauty cube roller for face, to promote glowing skin. The Avenue Eau Thermale XERACALM lipid cream to nourish skin and prevent dryness, rounds out Mila’s recommendations for her skincare essentials. Mila Santos’ recently updated health and wellness storefront, contains nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins, to support health and wellness. Her recommendations include Nature Made fish oil supplements and Nature’s Bounty zinc, that are essential for immunity and to maintain skin beauty.

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Mila also recommends Trace Minerals brand grass fed beef liver to support skin and promote healthy bones and joints, as well as immunity. She also recommends Now foods brand panthothenic acid as well as the Carlyle brand Pumpkin seed oil, which contains many vitamins and minerals as well as Nature’s Branch magnesium glycate supplements, for fitness support. Mila Santos is an advocate of health and wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. Next up are Mila’s recommendations for hair care essentials, as part of her Amazon storefront. Mila Santos earns a commission for products sold on her storefront. Her choice for keeping her luxurious, brunette hair glossy and smooth is the Christophe Robin Paris regenerating hair mask with prickly pear oil, Kate Blanc Cosmetics castor oil and OGX brand renewing Moroccan argan oil.

Mila also recommends OUAI hair treatment mask and ProBliva Hair Growth Serum with rice water,  for growing long, thick shiny hair like hers. For styling, Mila uses Kiss brand tourmaline ceramic hair dryer and diffuser and the Aimile Nano thermal and ionic boar bristled volume styling brush, to style her hair. Sungenol brand hair roller set and Equinox International professional razor edge barber scissors are Mila’s tools for achieving the perfect hair style. Mila constantly updates her Amazon storefront in response to her followers requests and comments and questions, about the products that she uses.

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Mila Santos in Hollywood, California
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