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Alysha Grace Marko is an artist, model, and all-around creative wunderkind

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Alysha Grace Marko is an artist, model, and all-around creative wunderkind

Alysha Grace Marko’s past shows at the AMRM Gallery include “Warm Thoughts: The Winter Show” featured original works by seven of the gallery’s artists including Alysha’s paintings. This show is featured on her alyshagrace instagram and threads. Alysha’s recent, original artwork is featured on her instagram and thread accounts, with links to her online store front. Alysha Grace’s link tree also has a link to, which also features her original art work.

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There is a link to OpenSea on Alysha Grace’s Linktree that features her original NFTs. Her limited edition of only thirty, original NFT titled “Polaroid Daze,” which is displayed on her featured instagram stories, is available for purchase on OpenSea. Her Shopify, which is linked on her instagram via Linktree, sells original items embossed with her artwork from AMRM Gallery and its artists.

Her unfortunate encounter with the disgraced former movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, as he was awaiting trial, in a New York City restaurant, had garnered publicity with a mention of Alysha Grace Marko’s AMRM Gallery, in the Hollywood Reporter.

Alysha Grace has used her art to support good causes such as tusk-org and africanccf, as she partnered with QuigleyArt, in order to save the elephants and support conservation efforts. It is an international philanthropic event to protect lions, wherein artists paint original Lion sculptures that are displayed in the Hamptons, New York, and London, UK to benefit Lion conservation efforts. Grace’s original artwork of a Lion was featured at this conservation event. Alysha’s current artwork is featured on her instagram. Such recent oil on canvas paintings as “Help has arrived (The Artist’s Dilemma), “Wings,” “Untitled,” “Treasures at the beach,” “Swimmer” and “Wild Horse” as well as “Blackbird” are displayed on her instagram posts.

Oil paintings such as “Woman Looking Back,” “Rainy day in Belize,” are prominently displayed. Alysha Grace’s oil on canvas NFT edition paintings, such as “Bunny” and “Diamond Dice,” are also available on OpenSea.

Her instagram also features videos of Alysha creating original art and signing it. She interacts with her instagram followers by letting them in on her creative process as she paints and even asks for suggestions to name her paintings. Alysha Grace Marko’s stunning photography of New York City through her eyes as well as locations from around the world feature prominently in her instagram posts.

Alysha Grace’s art has also been shown internationally, as an artist in residence in Florence, Italy.

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