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Mila Santos | Learning More About Her Many Sides and Ambitions

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Mila Santos | Learning More About Her Many Sides and Ambitions

Brazilian-American model Mila Santos is a super-human beauty and creative force to be reckoned with.

Mila Santos is a Brazilian-American model, actress, and influencer

Rising star Mila Santos: Brazilian American Model Mila Santos’ star is rising fast. Endowed with a beaming, naturally voluptuous beauty and graced with many talents, Mila’s star is rising indeed. The multitalented singer and actress as well as model is endowed with many gifts. Trained in musical theatre from the University of Utah as well as possessing a rich cultural background from Brazil, and minoring in Brazilian and Portuguese culture, Mila Santos heritage is responsible for making her who she is today. Mila Santos aspires to be an actress and has a “senior reel” on YouTube where she rehearses for a play. Her acting abilities are considerable. The “senior reel” also contains her audition for musical theatre, as she auditions with a song.

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The “senior reel” audition song, serves as a kind of debut “mixed tape” for Mila Santos. Since coming to Los Angeles, Mila Santos has landed several parts in movies. Mila proves to be in possession of a natural acting ability as shown in the diverse range of roles that she can perform, and that she has acted in. Mila Santos is a versatile actress as well as model and singer. She appeared in “The hell with Reno” directed by Kimberly Hunt. Mila Santos played the role of Roxy. Kimberly Hunt, a female director, also directed Mila in “Woman in Heat”. Mila, whose impressive numbers of followers and the number of impressions with her content, makes her a sought after content creator as well. Mila Santos also creates content for OnlyFans, where she appears as MilaBaby. Mila Santos offers membership access as well as free content on her OnlyFans. She wears many hats from model to content creator, TikToker, actress and singer. Mila Santos is on X and her bio has a link to her website Recently, Mila has created behind the scenes content of what her swimsuit photo shoot is like, to the delight of her fans. It was an interesting look into what goes into a swimsuit photoshoot. The lyrics of Mila’s debut song “Both” has very, deep soulful lyrics which she co wrote. Mila is also a very talented songwriter, her lyrics convey deep yearning, loss and love. Her execution of the song is just as deep as the lyrics. Mila Santos’ impressive lyrical talent is matched by her acting ability. With a natural, glowing beauty and a multifaceted talent and screen presence, Mila Santos’s star will keep rising.


Mila Santos is an internationally recognized model

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