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A Deeper Look into Brielle Pace Content – All About Her Videos

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A Deeper Look into Brielle Pace Content – All About Her Videos

Since June 2020, Brielle Pace joined Shore Thang, created a few selfie sets for Quarantine Selfies, one try-on then seemingly disappeared.

Behind the scenes, of course, there was a different story unfolding.

Brielle is from a colorful background and figured out the rules of life in unconventional ways.

She fights, she argues, she accuses others of the things she does.

Posting this article happened almost exactly three years that the now-20 year old Brielle began working with us. Shore Thang fully supported Brielle Pace for more than 2.5 years in exchange for content.

Rather than shame, expose or exacerbate the shortcomings of Brielle, Shore Thang would like to take this opportunity to showcase the good stuff.

Brielle Pace video content! Below are a few descriptions of Brielle's hottest videos.

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Brielle Pace has huge natural boobs plus a bubble butt

Most of our content is PG-13/R and never hardcore. We encourage our talent to make content they're comfortable with because regardless of what they make, our customers always want more.

A few of the better Brielle Pace videos:

  1. Boob Squeeze Vids - Brielle's boob squeeze videos started releasing in August 2022 and pretty much set Instagram on fire. Brielle rocks between a D cup and a DD, depending on the time of the month. When she digs her ratchet af acrylic nails into her boobs, it's almost impossible not to be turned on. Brielle is a little empty behind the eyes a lot of the time, which is why her personality doesn't really come through during her YouTube videos. For her website videos, her empty glare is perfect to objectify her. Very satisfying content.

2. Finger Sucking / Thumb sucking vids - Our content is usually tame because we work with talent that's brand new. That said, it's fun to push the envelope a bit. Compared to most softcore content, watching Brielle suck her thumb for one full minute is glorious. Her side view thumb sucking videos are super erotic and easy to enjoy. Likewise, similar videos that are worth a watch are her finger sucking videos. Usually, Brielle will suck two fingers -- her index and middle fingers.

3. Boob swinging vids - Whether she's wearing a bikini top or topless, watching Brielle's huge natural boobs swing back and forth while she leans forward is mesmerizing. There are boob swinging videos on, Quarantine Selfies, and Spicy TicTaks. We generally get away w/ this sort of thing on Instagram bc her account is private and we only post short previews. That said, Brielle's got real nastygram vibes and if you're not following already, do yourself a favor --> Brielle Pace on Instagram

4. Twerking / butt squeezing vids - Brielle is not just all boob. Her body is weird and for a white girl, she has a thick booty too. If you've ever seen her wearing tight jeans and a crop top that shows off her cleavage, that's Bri at her best looking. Brielle can't really dance, but with a little direction she can twerk. Her best twerking vids are standing or on the bed doggystyle. Brielle will also bust out w/ the occasional butt squeezer vid. That involves placing her iPhone on the bathroom counter or bedside table, and squeezing both juicy butt cheeks at the same time with her super ratchet acrylic nails.

5. Front wedgie vids - Brielle can get a little nasty and this is the peak of it all. Standing in front of her iPhone, which is usually placed on the bathroom counter, Brielle Pace, native Canadian, blonde and mean and actually kind of dangerous (like in a "get dragged out of an Alberta bar around 1:30AM" sort of way) will pull her undies up and give herself a vaginal wedgie. Her outer labia fall out of her panties and show off a wicked moose knuckle. If you're lucky, you'll see a deep front wedgie video, which is everything described above, but deeper into her anatomy and sometimes in a super thin g-string.

If you found all these revelations surprising, good. Not all our talent create video content like this. We respect the rights of all our talent, all the time. Some of our TikTokers, like Niki Peacock, created PG-style content and still made a lot of money because big social media.

In a world where everyone and their step-mom is on OnlyFans, Shore Thang creates a range of content with newly discovered talent. Just like another Canadian Shore Thang alum, Brielle Pace was born in Ontario, Canada and later moved to Alberta.

Rather than highlighting the dark side of Brielle's personality, we feel grateful that her video content totally raised the bar. is 14.95 to join.

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