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Ella West explores her fun side with new videos and selfies @ella_west_2003

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Ella West explores her fun side with new videos and selfies @ella_west_2003
Two years ago, when Ella West first started creating content with sure thing, she was still 18, and basically a skinny kid.
In the last two years Ella has emerged from her sister's shadow and includes among her adventures roadtrips all across the United States in her massive lifted Chevy truck.
Although she may have a few more tattoos, the amazing naked beauty of Ella is only getting better.
Ella is tall, pierced, beautiful, and often naked.
Ella West has exclusive content on, Quarantine Selfies, and Spicy TicTaks.
We adore Ella because she is kind, beautiful, and regularly makes provocative content. Ella is yet another Shore Thang beauty that hails from Alberta.
After a while, it’s clear that people may forget her older sister, but Ella it’s almost impossible to forget.

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Ella West is down with the lifted truck scene and does her best to maintain her massive Chevy.
Ella West and her lifted Chevy truckLifted trucks are difficult to maintain and manage.


During the first 1,500 mi (2,400 km) DO NOT: • Accelerate Hard
• Exceed 4,000 RPM’s
• Tow Heavy Items

• Use Cruise Control


• Use 93 Octane Fuel (no less than 91 Octane)
• DO NOT use Octane Booster
• Drain & Replace Fuel After 6 Months of No Driving


• NGK 6510 LTR7IX-11 gapped to .032”


• Refer to OEM Manual

• DO NOT Alter or Change the Supercharger Tune


• Inspect, clean, and re-oil the air filter every 10,000 mi (16,000 km)

Ella West at a truck showTop tier fuels are fuels that meet a higher standard of quality than traditional gasoline or diesel. They contain detergent additives that keep engines running more smoothly and increase engine performance. Example Top Tier brands: 76, BP, Chevron, Mobil, Phillips 66, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco

Ram 1500 Supercharged Transmission Operation

Hard shifting is a normal characteristic of the high performance vehicle.

Vehicle Long Term Storage

Long term storage can cause premature damage to components on your vehicle. When storing for 6+ months, please: Drain fuel system completely (do not run the engine to drain tank- this will damage the engine.) Ensure all other fluids are fresh and topped off.

*Gasoline has a shelf life of 3-6 months from the date of manufacture. Afterwards, the octane rating begins to diminish and may harm the engine.

Towing Advisement

Per the OEM Manual, it is recommended to utilize a weight distribu- tion hitch when towing heavy loads. This recommendation becomes even more critical with a lowered suspension vehicle.

Failure to use a weight distribution hitch with the upfitted Fox PVD Vehicle may result in undesirable ride characteristics and handling.

It is your responsibility to perform periodic maintenance on your conversion, such as recommend by the owner’s manual. We recommend keeping record and receipts should questions arise about maintenance.

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