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Grace Taylor a statuesque beauty and her passion for horses

June 14, 2024 by Shore Thang in Grace Taylor 0 comments
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Grace Taylor a statuesque beauty and her passion for horses

Michigan born model and equestrian, Grace Taylor’s washboard abs and lean, toned physique coupled with a natural hourglass figure, are what sets her apart from other models. Grace creates exclusive content that resonates with her followers.

Using her connection to Shore Thang, followers can interact with models like Grace Taylor and are even made to feel involved. When doing her fashion try on haul video, Grace Taylor asks her followers opinions in the comments section of her YouTube video about which of the outfits from the try on haul, they prefer most. Her followers are made to feel part of the whole creative process.

Grace Taylor’s lean and toned physique would be the envy of every “Pilates princess.” Grace grew up in the countryside, around horses and horse stables.

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On the farm is where she developed her love of horses, and immediately felt a connection to them, which inevitably led to her becoming a skilled horse riding instructor. As a former horseback riding instructor, Grace is athletic and has a body that is the envy of everyone with a hard won, gym toned body. She stretches and shares her morning routine with exclusive fitness tips.

Grace models swimsuits and bikinis in exclusive try on haul videos, as she offers styling tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect fit. Wearing a bikini high on the hip or high waist bottoms, can accentuate your shape and lengthen the line of the leg. Triangle bikini tops enlarge the bust line, or highlight a large blossom. Grace points out that the stretch and elasticity of the fabric is important in achieving the perfect fit, as she adjusts the straps of her bikini. She poses in various positions to ensure that the bikini stays in place. What is on your feed? Grace Taylor may not post content often but when she does create content, it comes off as genuine, not overly curated and natural. Grace is very authentic in everything that she posts.

Despite her notoriety, Grace Taylor is rather a private person and her privacy is important to her. If you want to spice up your instagram, give Grace Taylor a follow, appearing exclusively on @grace_taylor_xoxo and @shorethang. In her most recent instagram reel entitled “good morning, nice view,” beautiful brunette Grace poses in a low cut scoop neck body conscious crop top, showcasing her ample DD cup cleavage. Grace Taylor is currently creating content online and growing her social media following, with exclusive instagram reels and images on ShoreThangx.

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